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Flower Arrangement 5

This page is dedicated to recipes, remedies,

green beauty DIY and all things that keep us thriving.


A Spell for Banishing Stress

Ritual Candle

Paper and pen

Cloves or other banishing herbs

Fire safe dish

Begin by choosing your ritual candle and light it with intention, in a space that brings you peace.

On your paper write what it is that is causing excess stress in your life, the stress you truly want to release.

In the middle of the paper place a few cloves, then wrap the paper around the cloves to create a packet.

With your ritual candle, light your packet of intentions and herbs.

Place the packet in your fire safe dish and breathe.  Breathe in peace.  

Relax and re-focus your energy

When the ashes have cooled dispose of them onto the Earth or into flowing water.  

Step back into your day with renewed strength.  


Crafting a Lunar Infused Water or Moon Water

This is a practice in Moon Magic, a ritual tool for enhancing connection to a

particular moon phase that you enjoy; New or Dark Moon, Full Moon,

Waxing or Waning phases as well.  

~ To begin, think about what you will be using this water for.  Is it going in your bath

or steam?  Are you consuming it?  Are your plants getting some of this moon magic?  This will help you determine how much water to infuse.

~ Choose a chalice, tea cup, bowl or other water holding receptacle and fill with desired amount of water.

~ Place in a window or on a table where the moon will illuminate the water.  If infusing on a new/dark moon place in your home at the peak of the New Moon.

~ Leave your water overnight or throughout the day and recite poetry, a spell, affirmations or love nuggets to your water.  

It's ready the next day!  Enjoy!  


Dry Brushing - Moving Lymph and Exfoliation

How do I do this???


Such a common question, especially after someone picks up one of

the hard bristled brushes in the shop.  


Dry brushing is a centuries old practice of brushing the skin

gently, while dry, before you shower. 

Beginning at the feet using small even strokes move your way up towards the heart or the center of the body.

You will likely brush an area 2-3 times and then move up.

Be sure to move in a clockwise fashion when you get to your belly. 

Don't forget your underarms, backs of the knees, breasts and throat,

all areas that need assistance with lymphatic drainage. 

Once you have brushed your skin your will shower and then finish with a vitamin rich oil, sesame is my favorite!  



Some of the benefits of this ritual practice include...

- Removing dead skin cells and promoting skin renewal and softness.

- Lymphatic support and drainage, which is essential for a healthy immune system.

- Clearer pores over the body.

- Energy booster!

- There is also some talk out there about Cellulite reduction. 


I carry Dry Brushes in the store and online, as well as Organic Sesame Oil and

MoonBeam Body Oil, both excellent nourishing oils for your dry brushing ritual.

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