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Classes & Offerings

At Aspen Botanicals, we offer a variety of classes and personal offerings to allow you to experiment with organic bulk herbs, tea, and the art of building rituals in your life. Check out the list below to see available classes, and send us a message to confirm your next session. We look forward to connecting with you and our herbal wellness community. 


Consultation with an Herbalist: Jenna

If you have a desire to know more about herbs, using tools, energetic connection or how to enhance your ritual practices, please set up a one-on-one consultation.  

One hour session starting at $149

This includes one remedy - herbal tea, ritual bath, ritual smoke, etc - that is blended specifically for you and your inner journey.

add Tarot reading for $21

add a Vaginal Steam for $59


Summer Botanical Dye Party 

Join us, Green Witch Wear and Aspen Botanicals, in this hands-on workshop to play with the beautiful summer flowers and foliage!

You will leave with two of your very own, one of a kind, flower dyed creations.

We will be dyeing one silk headscarf and one silk square bandanna.

Preserve the beautiful and fleeting colors of summer on something that will last you forever!

No prior experience necessary.

Sunday July 23rd 11am-1pm | $65

Space is limited to 14, get registered!

***Registration closes July 16th***

Full Moon

Full Moon Ceremony

Join us for a night of Celebrating the Fullness of the Moon!

Thursday May 4th 5:30-7:30pm | $44

Thursday June 1st 5:30-7:30pm | $44

This event requires pre-registration

A special 2 hour gathering : Herb Crafting | Yoga | Gongs


Hosted by 

  • Jenna Handloff | Language of the Plants & Herb-crafting

  • Kris Rowse | Astrology & Sound Healing

  • Brooke Carpenter | Yoga & Movement

Please email to reserve your spot.

Space is Limited | Strawberry Park Location

Cancellation Policy : If you are holding a space and are unable to attend,  48 hour notice of cancellation is required to receive reimbursement.  


Tea & Tarot

Tea & Tarot can be booked as a one on one or group experience


Choose between...

Herbal Tea Time - a hand blended tisane (herbal infusion) by Jenna 


Gong Fu Cha style tea Ceremony (a caffeinated tea) 

We will sip and embark on a Tarot reading connecting us to the inquiries and conversations that blossoms as we share time and space together.

These experience requires pre-registration

Please email if you have further questions.

Image by Nia Ramirez

Small Group Experiences

Create a class for a fun and special gathering. 


Email Jenna, with your inquiry and Jenna will help you set up the rest.


3 - 5 people : $199 / 1.5 hour class

3 - 5 people : $259 / 2 hour class

Each additional person is $39

ALL Materials included : you will go home with something you craft in class. 


{ Kids Magical Birthday Party - please inquire }


Vaginal Steaming Session

Guided info + 20 minute steam and Tea provided : $99

After your initial consult each steam is $59 or purchase a package of 6 steams for $289!


This is a one on one session where you will be guided through:

  • setting up your steam 

  • herbal allies for vaginal steaming

  • the history of using this practice and why it is helpful to overall wellness


Enjoy a 20 minute solo steam after our informative session in the Collective above Aspen Botanicals.

You will be provided with...

  • an herbal blend for your steam

  • herbs for 2 more steams to enjoy at home

  • herbal tea 

  • a quiet space

Bring a book, your favorite music and a cozy blanket or towel to wrap around yourself while you steam.  

Learn More

Image by Anna Hecker

Blessing Way & Closing Ceremonies

These Ceremonies bring focus to the Mother


A BlessingWay is a Ceremony to acknowledge the shift from Maiden into Mother - prior to birth


A Closing Ceremony holds space for the Mother to tell her birth story and in accompanied by a Rebozo Closing which helps to close the birth portal - post birth


These ceremonies include the Mother and close allies. I encourage inviting individuals who support and love you deeply to participate in these sacred ceremonies with you.  

Note : These are not baby showers!


2 Hour BlessingWay package - $299 (Mother and up to 8 guests)

1.5 Hour Closing Ceremony - $189 (Mother and up to 4 guests)


I love catering to your wants and needs, once you decide that a Ceremony is right for you we will have a short meeting to discuss your BlessingWay or Closing.

Please contact Jenna at

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