- Upcoming Classes -

Desert Mountains

Full Moon Ceremony

Tuesday October 19 : 5:30-7pm : $33

Join us for a special gathering to honor the Full Moon in Aries

Herb Crafting ~ Yoga ~ Gongs


Hosted by Jenna Handloff, Aspen Botanicals

Brooke Carpenter, Yoga Instructor and Kris Rowse, Astrology and Sound Healing


This is always one of my favorite circles to host!  I hope that you can join us.


Please email hello@aspenbotanicals.com for more info or to reserve your spot.


Strawberry Park location

Tea Blending : Establishing the Ritual


Saturday October 23rd : 4-6pm : $35

at the Collective above Aspen Botanicals 


Learn the basics of blending and brewing herbal tea!

In this class we will talk about ritual tea drinking, blending herbs

and why teas are so important for overall wellness.  

You’ll leave with a hand blended tea you can enjoy in your ritual spaces

and knowledge for establishing a daily tea drinking practice.


email Jenna at hello@aspenbotanicals.com to reserve your spot.

- Space is Limited -


Vaginal Steaming 1.0

Monday October 25th : 6-7pm : $25

at the Collective above Aspen Botanicals


Become acquainted with this ancient practice in womb wellness.  

When and Why to steam?

How do I steam at home?

What herbs should I use? 

These questions and more answered in this hour long intro!

Stay after for 15% off in the shop the night of the class only!  


email Jenna at hello@aspenbotanicals.com to reserve your spot.

- Space is Limited -


Small Group Experiences! 

Create a class for a fun and  special gathering. 


- Green Beauty -

- Crafting First Aid - 

- Creating Ritual Spaces - 

- Herbal Wellness 101 -

- Herbs for the Feminine Heart - 

- And More! - 

Email Jenna, hello@aspenbotanicals.com with your inquiry and she will help you set up the rest.

3 - 5 people : $150 / 1.5 hour class

3 - 5 people : $190 / 2 hour class

-Each additional person is $15 to cover materials cost-

Materials included

Vaginal Steaming Sessions

Make your reproductive health a priority, learn the basics of Vaginal Steaming and gain insight into this ancient practice of womb health and vitality.  


This is a one on one session where you will be guided through...

setting up your steam 

herbal allies for vaginal steaming

the history of using this practice and why it is helpful to overall wellness

You will enjoy a 20 minute solo steaming session after our 30 minute informative session in

the Collective above Aspen Botanicals.  You will be provided with an herbal blend for your steam, as well as enough herbs for 2 more steams to enjoy at home, tea and a quiet space.  Feel free to bring a book, your favorite music and a cozy blanket or towel to wrap around yourself while you steam.  

Guided info (30 minutes), steaming herbs + 20 minute steam : $79  


Steaming is great for those who...

have irregular cycles

need to become more in tune with their monthly symptoms

are postpartum

have a general interest in womb health and wellness

are menopausal

It is NOT a good time to steam if you are...

pregnant or post ovulation if you're trying to get pregnant

menstruating or have fresh spotting

have an IUD

have a burning or itching infection

Please note : I am not a medical practitioner, this practice is based on experience,


acquired knowledge and guidance from other wise women.  Please consult with your  


health care provider or midwife if you have concerns about beginning this practice.

To set up your Vaginal Steaming session please contact Jenna


or call 970-879-7928