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- Nice to Meet You -


I am so glad you are here! 

This is a community, a place to find

support to help build and enhance your

personal wellness and rituals.  

I am Jenna, an Herbalist, Mother, home-birther,

Green Witch, adventurer, bread baker, and tea drinker. 

I started my herbal journey over a decade ago with the creation of Chick + Mum, my mom and baby self care line, and am thrilled that Aspen Botanicals is now 

my herbal sanctuary. 


Daily, when I walk into my cozy shop, I pay close attention to how I set up my energetic space to

welcome you, tapping into daily rituals like burning incense, preparing tea and drawing from the Tarot.  These rituals have enriched my daily experience and have brought me to a place of deeper self care and understanding.  Daily rituals also help prepare me to support your needs, questions and insights.  

I am diligently working to grow Aspen Botanicals into a space that nurtures self discovery with herbal wellness, community education, creating rituals and

Motherhood support.   

Thank you for visiting, whether in person or on the web, I appreciate you!  

Be well,


Why Tea?

The birth of my herbal discoveries 

came from the simple act of brewing a

delicious pot, of tea.  It nourishes me

to the core, offering comfort and joy

for my physical and spiritual senses.  

I was lured to the tea by a need to find space to rest. 

I needed a tool to keep me connected to the elements of slowing down.  I made drinking hot tea my priority, which in turn produced a rhythm, a tea drinking ritual. 

I was newly pregnant and discovering new needs and connections daily, the herbs just happened to meet me there, shedding light on wellness and self care that I had not yet felt, and that warmth was wonderful!  

Tea has graced so many wonderful moments with others.  It's inviting to sip tea with a friend or partner.

I cherish having a cup of tea with my children.

I love introducing different flavors and energetics to those that are curious and long to replenish themselves.  


I try to include tea in my everyday experience because it makes me feel so deep down to my core good.  

Tea blending has become my favorite craft in my herbal wellness practices, making it a focal point in my shop.  


Come with questions, curiosity and an open heart and you, too, will quite possibly be lured by the tea.  

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