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Aspen Botanicals Rose Glycerite

How to use her and why you should start today!

The Rose Glycerite has been one of my most cherished creations as an herbalist and woman.  This alcohol-free vegetable glycerine infusion reaches deep into the heart providing comfort and relaxation by enhancing the feminine spirit and soothing imbalances especially in the heart, and when I say heart I don't just mean love, I'm associating heart support with moving through trauma, guilt, stubbornness,

the building of walls, maternal depletion, loss...

The Rose Glycerite is crafted with the cycle of the Moon,

beginning and ending with her fullness.


Using Rose Glycerine daily as a ritual tincture is an incredible way to nourish the heart and soothe excess tension.

Place 10 drops to one dropper full under the tongue, hold for a few deep breaths and then swallow.  Release that which is not supporting you.

Add a dropper full to your cup of tea (one of my favorite rituals).

Place 3-4 drops in your Aspen Botanicals Green Tea or Flower Facial Toner.  This will provide and extra dose of moisture as vegetable glycerine pulls moisture from the air to soothe your skin!

This is more than just a "product" for me, I am truly in awe of the overall effect that this flower medicine provides.  

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